Retail kiosks or Retail Merchandising kiosks (RMU)

What are retail kiosks? The name is quite a mystery to common people as they often confuse it with Interactive Kiosks. Retail Kiosks or RMU (Retail Merchandising Units) are not like carts which are movable with wheels but like miniature stores with 360 degree exposure. Interactive kiosks are mostly fitted with touchscreen to provide information, direction etc. In majority of cases they don't sell anything, unless they are online marketing kiosks. 
RMU's are also known as Mall Kiosks, Isle Kiosks, Shop-in-shop and so on. They are designed for specific products and has dedicated shelving, lighting, and fixtures.  
They are placed in commercial centers and public areas where there are large crowds of shoppers. They are placed in the middle of a mall, replicating an island or along a wall, reminding of a shop.