Why choose Instoremasters for retail Kiosks?

At Instoremasters, we apply our 19 years of priceless experience in designing the best Mall Kiosks  that are contemporary in styling and cost effective. We can design kiosks according to the specifications that you provide us, kiosks of different shapes and sizes and ones that fits the alloted space.  When you don't have enough horizontal space, we have designs that can utilize the vertical space and even have products displayed at eye level. There are many attractive choices for Kiosks and display set ups that you are sure to find something that fits your needs.  
RMU's are effective crowd pullers in the sense that they are very attractively styled and placed in high traffic areas. They are generally styled using the most recent trends and designed to highlight the products with the maximum visibility. They are like miniature stores that are placed inside large shopping malls, airports and other departmental stores.
Since RMU's are placed in the hub of activity in malls and other areas, it is easy for them to generate revenue very easily. It can take advantage of the fluctuating traffic and it is seen that most people when they get things easily outside a store, they prefer it.  RMU's are set up by the owner or manager mainly as seasonal/temporary arrangements. They are designed according to the products and also reflect the decor of the mall or store in which it is placed. 
In many cases the location owners i.e. the management of a mall or department store may ask the Kiosk owners to design them according to the architecture and design principles followed in the mall. More importantly they have to reflect the product and its brand identity.

Beside usual locations like malls and airports, kiosks are highly effective when placed during games, concerts or any such activities which involve large crowds of people congregating at the same time. 

When you need true professionals in the Middle East and North Africa for design, manufacture and import of retail merchandising units head straight to www.InstoreMasters.com.  We have valuable affiliates and suppliers in Damascus, Tehran, Dhaka, Amman, Baghdad, Lagos,  Khartoum and so on and strategic partnerships with RMU experts in Europe, US and the far east.